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Mental Math Multiplication Problems
Mental Math Multiplication Training

Mental math multiplication training means you can practise either so called 2-by-2 or 3-by-1 calculation problems. The first kind (2-by-2) is a multiplication problem consisting of two two digit numbers such as 45 x 31. The latter (3-by-1) is a multiplication problem consisting of a three digit number and a one digit number such as 356 x 8. It is up to you which kind of mental math problem you would like to practise!

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Mental Math Addition Problems
Mental Math Addition Training

With mental math addition training you can practise to add two digit numbers to each other. However, it comes with a twist. You will have to add many two digit numbers to each other in a sequential fashion. The total number of two digit numbers to add to each other can be chosen (corresponds to parameter length). In addition, the time (in seconds) in between each two digit number can also be set (corresponds to parameter time). Feel free to play with your friends aswell!

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